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Trunkshow Sylvie Saliba

Bibi van der Velden will launch her collection at Sylvie Saliba Boutique from June 19th till June 23th. Be welcome to join us on our trunkshow next week! 

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Are you creative and passioned for jewellery? Then we might be looking for you! Bibi van der Velden has place for two interns starting from August/September 2017.

The studio of Bibi van der Velden is located in the center of Amsterdam. Here a passioned team works for the international Jewellery brand Bibi van der Velden. The jewels of Bibi van der Velden are sold at internationale department stores, concept stores and high end jewellers. 

During your internship, you are part of the team, and responsible for design, social media and the website. You will be organizing a number of (private) sales events and a pr event for press. Furthermore you will be meeting with clients and supporting the sales team.  

You will be working for the Sales and Product manager as well as for the PR manager. But you will also be having lots of direct contact with the designer Bibi van der Velden herself. 



- Supporting on the marketing and pr activities

- Making and editing of pictures (product and editoral)

- Designing lay outs of invites, newsletters, lookbooks, linesheets

- Coordination of social media 

- Contact with stylists and press and keeping the showroom inspiring

- Supporting the designer with moodboards and deskresearch

- Supporting with admin

- Supporting with the organisation of events


Are you that creative person that: 

- the identity of the brand can translate in to the most inspiring lay outs?

- has experience with designing in photoshop, indesign and illustrator?

- has intersted in product and editoral photography?

- can wright texts in Dutch and English?

- know her/his way in the world of Social Media?

- likes to organise events? - has interested in sales and pr?

- has a passion for design, fashion and jewellery?

- is a native Dutch speaker?


Please send us your resume and letter of application to:


Period: From August/September for a minimum of 4 months. 
Where: Amsterdam

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Store in Spotlight - Dover Street Market

Dover Street Market has always been an icon in the world of concept stores. Our collaboration started seven years ago and is still going very strong. The store is a true inspiration in the fashion industry and I am proud that my MammothScarab and Monkey collection are part of their collections.

The store is founded by Rei Kawakubo who also founded Japanese fashion label Commes des Garcons. DSM sells magnificent fashion brands from CsG to Alaïa and Maison Margiela. Jewellery brands are even greater; Delfina Delettrez, Ann Demeulenmeester and Bibi van der Velden.. To name a few.  

The shopping experience goes beyond any other. When in London, New York, Ginza or Singapore this store is definitely worth a visit!

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Mammoth Tusk

                            Because of the depressing and worrying fact, global warming and melting of the permafrost in Siberia, beautiful extraordinary artifacts are being discovered in the melting ice. One of those artifacts is the tusk of a 40.000 year old Mammoth. This tusk has been the starting point of my ‘Mammoth Collection’.

Many historic museums have already collected items like the tusk of a 40.000 year old Mammoth. The tusk that appears because of the global warming and melting of the permafrost are supposed to be thrown away or collected for private exposition. In 2009 I did my best to collect one of those teeth because I had the idea to use it as a material for jewellery. There was a lot to do with it because Mammoth tusk is often considered the same as Elephant ivory. This is absolutely not the case. In fact; (re)using the tusk of a Mammoth is totally in line with recycling and very environmentally conscious.
Once collected this tusk I let it cultivate in a small village in China. They are absolute expert’s in working with this material and they helped me together with my producers in Thailand to create this wonderful collection.
Often I get the question if it is allowed to sell jewellery of this collection because of the material. Are customs being difficult? The answer is no, at least everywhere except for the state New York. This state still has strict rules concerning the import of Mammoth tusk. It sometimes happens that customs of other countries hold the package with pieces of the Mammoth collection but when we explain what kind of material it is and show the official documents with allowance of importing it is approved.
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New Store - L'Eclaireur

I am very proud to anounce that from now on my Mammoth and PopArt pieces are also available at the very fashionable Parisian boutique: L'Eclaireur. 
"By bringing design and fash­ion together and break­ing away from the traditional dis­tri­b­u­tion sys­tem, LECLAIREUR’s founders, Mar­tine & Armand Hadida, blazed a new path. Avant-garde choices and ser­vice truly ded­i­cated to the needs of a highly specific, aesthetic-oriented and worldly clientele remain the pillars of an ongoing story wherein clients and creators indirectly collaborate, and thus become essential actors themselves in the LECLAIREUR experience." (
You can find my pieces at their Boissy store (10 Rue Boissy D'Anglas). L'Eclaireur is known because they want to share items with their customers to let them discover and inspire them. I couldn't agree more and am again very proud to be part of their unique vision of creation. 

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Scarab Wings

Scarab ear cuff

The Scarab collection has become one of my favorite collections, and not only my favorite. The collection is very popular with our customers. I try to expand the line with more pieces every season, and am still experimenting with these amazing colored wings.

It is fair to say that I have falling in love a little bit with the material used in the Scarab collection pieces. The iridescent color of the wings is so unbelievably beautiful and all natural, showing us what a great force nature can be. The wings I use, come from scarabbugs that are eaten in Thailand  as a delicacy. The wings are the ‘leftovers’ and mostly thrown away. By using these incredible stunning ‘leftovers’ in my pieces I try to give them a new purpose in life, which completely ties into the recycle element in my work.

Scarab Rings

The fascinating natural color of the wings is impossible to reproduce by man hands. That is why the wings that I use for my jewellery aren't cultivated and completely natural. The only thing that we do with the wings is putting an hard cover of gold behind it. The wings come in three shades; green, orange and blue. Since the wings are all unique and differently shaped, the pieces are all hand made and adjusted to fit the wings perfectly. The jewellery of the Scarab collection are pieces that are combinations of - next to the wings - sterling silver, brown diamonds and precious stones. 

Different Scarab ShadesDifferent Scarab Shades

At the moment, the collection contains of several earrings, three pendants with one of them having a scarab opening his wings showing wonderful blue sapphires and green tsavorites. There are also different sizes of rings, bangles and an edgy ear cuff.



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Stores Around The World

Want to know where to find my jewellery? From now on you can find the whole list under 'contact'. Check it out now !

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Nature Under a Kaleidoscope

After launching in New York and Gstaad, the Auverture launch in The Netherlands took place at the Conservatorium hotel, which was magically transformed into a kaleidoscope scenery. Auverture is a curated online space that specialises in designer fine jewellery. The carefully selected pieces come from a new wave of leading designers like Monique Péan, Fernando Jorge and also Noor Fares & Venyx who were there that night. Amongst Noor and Eugenie (Venyx), friends, family, customers and press, I officially unveiled ‘Confronting Time’, the installation created by my mother and myself. It was an unforgettable evening and I want to thank everyone for coming!

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Tahitian Pearls


As you may know a couple of my pieces are made out of different kind of pearls. I am fascinated about how a pearl has its different colors and shapes. It fascinates me how their existence is a fluke and their size and shape are always so unique which makes them even rarer. Tahitian and baroque pearls are the kind of pearls I use mostly in my collections. Let me tell you something more about the Tahitian kind…

The Tahitian pearl is an organic gem formed from the back lip oyster. The name of the pearls is distracted from the fact that these oysters live mostly around the islands of French Polynesia around Tahiti. The pearls come in different colors from white to black. There undertones can vary from green, pink, blue, silver and yellow. They are most valuable because of their dark variety, this is because the naturally dark tones of the Tahitian pearls are a unique quality among pearls.

A true black Tahitian pearl is extremely rare and is considered as one of the most beautiful kinds of the world. Although they look like they are black, most Tahitian pearls that are named black are actually charcoal grey, silver or dark green. Because the oyster of the shell where the Tahitian pearl lives can grow very big, the pearl will also grow to a larger-than-average-pearl.

I have used these beautiful pearls for different collections like the Galaxy collection and the Baroque pearl collection. Please find one of these wonderful pieces in our webshop!


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Auverture is a new, curated online space that I created together with my team. It specializes in highly sought-after designer fine jewellery. Headquartered in Amsterdam, it is a website dedicated to inventive fine jewellery with carefully selected pieces coming from a new wave of designers who are leading the category, including Noor Fares, Monique Péan and Pamela Love.

Specialisation and unique product knowledge set Auverture apart from existing luxury websites,

In my opinion jewellery has been missing a dedicated universe all of its own. A place where you can immerse yourself, where each of our stories are there, waiting to be told.

All of the designs featured on Auverture are dreamt up by artists and brought to life by skilled craftspeople in under-the-radar ateliers and workshops scattered across the globe. Auverture sells these distinctive designs, while celebrating their great beauty and unique qualities. Using exclusive videos, pictures and interviews, it offers a glimpse into these artists’ creative processes, telling the stories behind their designs. 

The website launches with an impressive line-up of leading-edge international jewellery talent, all of whom offer an inimitable signature and a distinctive point-of-view. Indeed, Auverture is the only online destination to bring such a broad line-up of new establishment talent together, with each collection expertly curated and offered in significant depth.

I am very proud to tell you that we have a very broad collection of designers form over the whole world. From Greece there’s Ileana Makri; Sara Beltrán and Pamela Love from the USA and Venyx, Noor Fares and Fernando Jorge from London and Delfina Delettrez from Rome. Other jewellers showcased as part of the site’s soft launch include Ana Khouri, Bibi van der Velden, Monique Péan and Lydia Courteille.

Please visit our website to meet the designers and see the beautiful collections we offer you in the webshop.

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A'maree's - New Port Beach

On to our next exciting event! My collections will be available from the 16th of September in the amazing store A’maree’s! If you're in the neighbourhood, please feel free to walk in any time for a drink and some jewellery shopping. New Port Beach, here we come...

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New Location

In the weekend of 20 – 22 May Studio White Space was transformed into a spectacular Timeless Treasure forest. The interior was decorated with beautiful hanging flowers, hawthorn trees and showcases displaying my jewellery collections. There was music, drinks and so many people that together with us looked back at all the amazing things we did in Studio White Space.

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Wanted: creative interns

Are you creative and passioned for jewellery? Then we might be looking for you! Bibi van der Velden has place for two interns starting from September 2016.

The studio of Bibi van der Velden is located in the center of Amsterdam. Here a passioned team works for the international Jewellery brand Bibi van der Velden. The jewels of Bibi van der Velden are sold at internationale department stores, concept stores and high end jewellers. 

During your internship, you are part of the team, and responsible for design, social media and the website. You will be organizing a number of (private) sales events and a pr event for press. Furthermore you will be meeting with clients and supporting the sales team.  


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Lucky in Las Vegas

Couture Las Vegas is the biggest jewellery show in the world, and for me it is always a great adventure to attend. After lots of preparations in Amsterdam we departed to Las Vegas.

After arriving and settling in the beautiful Wynn Hotel,  we transformed our booth into a mysterious galaxy. During the show  we showed my new pieces to our favorite buyers and press. We had such great response on the new collections, and I am proud to tell you, we will be in at least 5 new stores next September!

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Confronting Time at Conservatorium hotel

‘Confronting Time’ -the installation that I made together with my mother under our artist name ‘BibiMichèle’- has a new home. Next to the entrance in the Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam you can find our creation from now on.

The installation is about exploring different perspectives of time influenced by its inevitability and transience.

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