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Auverture is a new, curated online space that I created together with my team. It specializes in highly sought-after designer fine jewellery. Headquartered in Amsterdam, it is a website dedicated to inventive fine jewellery with carefully selected pieces coming from a new wave of designers who are leading the category, including Noor Fares, Monique Péan and Pamela Love.

Specialisation and unique product knowledge set Auverture apart from existing luxury websites,

In my opinion jewellery has been missing a dedicated universe all of its own. A place where you can immerse yourself, where each of our stories are there, waiting to be told.

All of the designs featured on Auverture are dreamt up by artists and brought to life by skilled craftspeople in under-the-radar ateliers and workshops scattered across the globe. Auverture sells these distinctive designs, while celebrating their great beauty and unique qualities. Using exclusive videos, pictures and interviews, it offers a glimpse into these artists’ creative processes, telling the stories behind their designs. 

The website launches with an impressive line-up of leading-edge international jewellery talent, all of whom offer an inimitable signature and a distinctive point-of-view. Indeed, Auverture is the only online destination to bring such a broad line-up of new establishment talent together, with each collection expertly curated and offered in significant depth.

I am very proud to tell you that we have a very broad collection of designers form over the whole world. From Greece there’s Ileana Makri; Sara Beltrán and Pamela Love from the USA and Venyx, Noor Fares and Fernando Jorge from London and Delfina Delettrez from Rome. Other jewellers showcased as part of the site’s soft launch include Ana Khouri, Bibi van der Velden, Monique Péan and Lydia Courteille.

Please visit our website to meet the designers and see the beautiful collections we offer you in the webshop.

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