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Mark your moments..

Life is unexpected. We fall in love, get married, start families, celebrate birthdays and commemorate our loved ones that passed away.  For me, jewellery marks these milestones in life perfectly and can often be a symbol for that special person or memory.

In my collections you can find a lot of pieces that embody a first born, your family, or ones Chinese zodiac sign.  Many of my animal pieces stand for special characteristics like strength, wisdom and luck and give the owner that little special power when needed the most. I believe that with jewellery you can treasure feelings, memories and milestones and keep them forever close to you. Celebrate your life, mark your moments.

-21st Birthday-

- First born - 

- Family Pieces -

- Zodiac Signs -


- Birthday of Mother - 

- Luck, Freedom, Strenght -

(double luck)

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