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Scarab Wings

Scarab ear cuff

The Scarab collection has become one of my favorite collections, and not only my favorite. The collection is very popular with our customers. I try to expand the line with more pieces every season, and am still experimenting with these amazing colored wings.

It is fair to say that I have falling in love a little bit with the material used in the Scarab collection pieces. The iridescent color of the wings is so unbelievably beautiful and all natural, showing us what a great force nature can be. The wings I use, come from scarabbugs that are eaten in Thailand  as a delicacy. The wings are the ‘leftovers’ and mostly thrown away. By using these incredible stunning ‘leftovers’ in my pieces I try to give them a new purpose in life, which completely ties into the recycle element in my work.

Scarab Rings

The fascinating natural color of the wings is impossible to reproduce by man hands. That is why the wings that I use for my jewellery aren't cultivated and completely natural. The only thing that we do with the wings is putting an hard cover of gold behind it. The wings come in three shades; green, orange and blue. Since the wings are all unique and differently shaped, the pieces are all hand made and adjusted to fit the wings perfectly. The jewellery of the Scarab collection are pieces that are combinations of - next to the wings - sterling silver, brown diamonds and precious stones. 

Different Scarab ShadesDifferent Scarab Shades

At the moment, the collection contains of several earrings, three pendants with one of them having a scarab opening his wings showing wonderful blue sapphires and green tsavorites. There are also different sizes of rings, bangles and an edgy ear cuff.



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