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Tahitian Pearls


As you may know a couple of my pieces are made out of different kind of pearls. I am fascinated about how a pearl has its different colors and shapes. It fascinates me how their existence is a fluke and their size and shape are always so unique which makes them even rarer. Tahitian and baroque pearls are the kind of pearls I use mostly in my collections. Let me tell you something more about the Tahitian kind…

The Tahitian pearl is an organic gem formed from the back lip oyster. The name of the pearls is distracted from the fact that these oysters live mostly around the islands of French Polynesia around Tahiti. The pearls come in different colors from white to black. There undertones can vary from green, pink, blue, silver and yellow. They are most valuable because of their dark variety, this is because the naturally dark tones of the Tahitian pearls are a unique quality among pearls.

A true black Tahitian pearl is extremely rare and is considered as one of the most beautiful kinds of the world. Although they look like they are black, most Tahitian pearls that are named black are actually charcoal grey, silver or dark green. Because the oyster of the shell where the Tahitian pearl lives can grow very big, the pearl will also grow to a larger-than-average-pearl.

I have used these beautiful pearls for different collections like the Galaxy collection and the Baroque pearl collection. Please find one of these wonderful pieces in our webshop!


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