A favorite part of my career as a designer is making bespoke jewellery. I believe jewellery is a great way of marking a special occasion in life and I love making personalized designs. Bespoke pieces are pieces that I make on request for my clients. Sometimes we use their own old jewellery (that most of the time has been lying in a jewellery box waiting for the client to please wear them again) and together in a very personal and fun process we design a unique piece. On this page I will keep you updated with the latest pieces I designed.  Get inspired by these creations and perhaps we can design a Bespoke piece for yourself! If you want to know more you can always send an e-mail to
Dragon Fly 
One of the latest Bespoke pieces that I got to design is the Dragon Fly ring. This piece can be worn as a ring but also as a necklace, it is set with diamonds from a clients jewellery and is an ultimate one of a kind piece. The little heads are symbol for all the five members of their family.
The Finger Print ring

In life, we unfortunately sometimes loose the people we love. My client made a wax print of the fingerprints of her belated father and walked around with the idea of printing these on a piece of jewellery for quite some years. As a surprise, I finished this project with my client's husband and we printed the prints on the ‘Tit ring’, one of my designs that stand for nurturing, feminity and family. An amazing piece to cherish the memories of her father and have her family close to her every day.

The Antique Opal Scarab Ring

Some of my clients inherence the most amazing jewellery, and when showing these pieces, my jewellery and antique loving heart sometimes skips a beat. The client of this Scarab opal ring had a very rare and unique opal which she allowed me to use in a scarab ring with open wings. The combination of the blue toned opal and the real scarab wings got me over the moon and we agreed to make this piece not only wearable as a ring, but also changeable into a necklace.

The Bolt and Nut bracelet
This bracelet was a special birthday gift from a daughter to a father. The father had a factory what produced bolts and nuts. For this occasion I designed a bracelet where a bol and nut could twirl around the bracelet so that the bracelet could be worn on different sizes. 


Mammoth Egg Necklace

This mother of three received this necklace from her husband. Every little egg stands for one of their children. On the back of the eggs the names of the children are engraved. The necklace is made of 18ct yellow gold and 40.000 fossilized mammoth. With this piece she always carries her family close. 


Cloud Emerald Earrings

These amazing green emeralds had been lying in a jewellery box for years before my client came to me with the request to spice them up a bit. I decided to mix them with my fascination for clouds. I added some golden studs in the clouds and made some tassles with thunder and stars on the clouds. The earrings got a whole new look!


Poison Ring

Story goes, that in the 16th century these rings where used for slipping poison in someone’s drink. A client who always has to carry her medicine with her asked me to make a ring with a hidden compartment. The ring are actually two snakes twirling around each other protecting the poison. The upper part of the ring can be open and there supposed to be a little poison in it. The ring is made of 18ct yellow gold.